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  • The future of face-to-face debt advice
    Debt advisers in England fear that government plans to change the way their service is funded will see big cuts in the amount of face-to-face advice available. We hear from a woman who says in-person debt advice helped turn her life around, in a way that online of over the phone assistance could never match. And debt adviser Amy Taylor, who is chair of the Greater Manchester Money Advice Group, tells us about the impact the changes could have in face-to-face help for people in her region. The parents and guardians of young people who lack mental capacity are still being denied access to their child trust funds, despite the government promising to look at the problem a year ago. In the wake of this week's House of Lords debate on the issue, we hear from campaigning parent Andrew Turner on changes he would like to see to the current expensive, difficult and lengthy legal process facing families who want to access the cash their children need. And as three more energy suppliers go bust this week, Dermot Nolan, the former chief executive of the energy regulator Ofgem, tells us what he thinks is wrong with the system... and how it should change. Presenter: Paul Lewis Producer: Paul Waters Reporter: Dan Whitworth Researcher: Anita Langary Editor: Emma Rippon
  • Spending Black
    Joice Etutu hears about some of the financial, mentoring and marketing initiatives supporting black entrepreneurs. Can business know-how and raising consumer awareness help to bring about positive change and address economic equality? We’d love to hear from you too, e-mail [email protected] with your ideas and experiences. Presenter: Joice Etutu Producer: Diane Richardson Editor: Emma Rippon
  • Small businesses 'overlooked' in energy crisis
    Hundreds of thousands of small businesses are not covered by the energy price cap which sets a maximum charge for each unit of electricity and gas. The existing cap only applies to domestic customers. Many small businesses have seen their bills soar over the last few weeks. Edinburgh University is denying some students access to its healthcare service because the GP register is full. But can the students claim for having to go private? And the contactless payment limit on your cards will rise to £100 next Friday. Some banks are letting customers choose their limit. Presenter: Paul Lewis Reporter: Kafui Okpattah Researcher: Anita Langary Producer: Alex Lewis Editor: Emma Rippon
  • Energy Prices
    As temperatures drop and energy prices rise we're talking about bills, energy providers and switching on Wednesday's Money Box Live. What are your rights if your energy supplier stops trading? What happens about credits you’ve built up or money you owe? Do you have a say about the new tariff you’re moved to and is financial support available if you’re worried about paying your bills? We’d love to hear your energy stories, questions and views so e-mail [email protected] now. Please include a phone number if you’d like to chat to presenter Adam Shaw and guests on Wednesday. Presenter: Adam Shaw Producer: Diane Richardson Editor: Emma Rippon
  • Proposed changes to student loan repayments
    People in England and Wales who started university from September 2012 could see their student loan repayments rise by hundreds of pounds a year. Economic abuse has grown during the pandemic. We talk to one woman who was forced into debt by her husband. And one 82-year- old wants to know where his £1200 savings bond has gone which he took out in 1986. How do you trace old financial products? Presenter: Paul Lewis Reporter: Dan Whitworth Researcher: Anita Langary Production Coordinator: Janet Staples Producer: Alex Lewis /Charmaine Cozier Editor: Emma Rippon

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