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The Debaters

Podcast The Debaters
Podcast The Debaters

The Debaters


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  • 1604: Big Families vs. Small Families & Golf Courses
    It’s all in the family when Ali Hassan and Sophie Buddle discuss the best family size. Then, Paul Myrehaug and Myles Anderson take a swing at whether or not we need more golf courses.
  • Introducing: Tony Ho - Season 3
    Award-winning sketch troupe Tony Ho takes listeners on a journey of dark comedy. Bite-sized narrative sketches explore the nature of human relationships and how careless we can be with each other. Featuring Miguel Rivas, Roger Bainbridge and Adam Niebergall - Tony Ho is back with Season 3, Old Young People. More episodes are available at:
  • 1603: Beef vs. Salmon & Careers in Tech
    Sean Lecomber and Charlie Demers serve up big laughs in this delicious debate. Then, Julie Kim and Gavin Clarkson refuse to go Micro-soft on each other when they discuss careers in technology.
  • 1602: E-Bikes and E-Scooters & Wine Appreciation
    Peter Brown and Ryan Williams speed into this week’s episode when they debate e-bikes and e-scooters. Then, Erica Sigurdson and Kathleen McGee refuse to keep their jokes bottled up on the topic of wine knowledge.
  • 1601: Family Road Trips & Peaches vs. Cherries
    The Debaters are revved up and ready to go for their 16th season! Lori Gibbs and Maddy Kelly start things off with a debate on family road trips. Then, Ivan Decker and Tim Nutt deliver a juicy performance comparing peaches and cherries!

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